Get Better Tasting Water in Your RV by Installing a Drinking Water Filter

The drinking tap water filter mod is one of those activities which should come straight from the factory for all RVs. The manner RV holding tanks and plumbing systems are utilized and designed purchasing Inline and Tee type filters from KP-LOK has a tendency to promote bacterial growth if not sanitized on a regular basis. And more importantly, it isn’t all that rare to get yourself a bad batch of water out of a apparently safe water supply. Besides cleaning your RVs plumbing system usually, filtering the water until it get’s in to your own body goes a long way in preventing bad water taste and potentially harmful bacteria and parasites away from having their way with one’s body. The final thing you need if camping is always to be appreciating your toilet significantly more compared to the exterior.
Together With Your Water for Drinking and Cooking
Although there are several ways to providing clean water for the RVing needs, this mod is targeted on drinking and drinking water filtration. Of course, filtering your entire RV water distribution system is an option but it isn’t always needed. Many water sources are chlorinated and also have sufficient security to minimize fungal growth. It just may not taste very good. Again, sanitizing often and not letting your own water pipes, hot water heater, and fresh water tank sit without usage will slough off 99 percent of bacterial growth. If you have decent water to start with, the normal water filter will offer great taste and security at a easy to use manner.
Drinking Water Filter Type S – Phone and Under-Counter Mount
The simplest approach to modding your own RV with a normal water filter is the countertop filter. This machine uses a conventional, replaceable 10-inch filter capsule and houses it in a plastic canister which sits on your counter top. The water is fed into the system through a tube hooked around your sink faucet, and includes a spigot to serve the filtered water. This has the benefit to be mobile. It is possible to take the filter system together with you for use in another RV, and sometimes maybe your own home for this matter. If you’re interested in a fast and effortless way to find tasty water, your mod work here’s done.
The most arguably popular drinking water filter mod though may be that the permanent-mount under-sink type, where the filter capsule is mounted under the sink and also the dispenser is mounted directly to the sink or countertop. The water supply to the dispenser is connected via a tee fitting placed in the cold water distribution pipe used with the faucet faucet. And the filter housing is put in a out of the way location under the sink, either in a cabinet, or other suitable location.
Tools Required for Permanent Installation
Doing this mod is really straightforward, but takes a few tools you might possibly not need handy on your mod application set. These are a PEX or plastic tube cutter, and a pit saw. With a tubing cutter will make sure there are no burrs on the tube after cuttingedge, which reduces the chance of a leak at the fittings at which the tubing slides inside. The pit saw is necessary considering that the mill is fastened by a threaded shaft on the base of the dispenser, which must move through the sink or counter, and is fastened underneath the sink or countertop employing a large nut and washer. Some dispensers only require a 1/2″ hole for the threaded shaft so that you might not need a pit saw. A 1/2″drill piece will get the job done. Others might need a larger mounting hole so a hole saw is essential.
Beginning the Setup
Once you’ve the perfect tools to the job, setup is easy. Start with locating where you would like to mount the dispenser. If you plan to mount the dispenser throughout the countertop, then place a set of masking tape across the area you’re going to be drilling to help prevent splintering. If your plan is to mount the toaster through a metallic sink shoulder, then drill slowly if using a holesaw to protect against overheating the piece. After drilling the dispenser mounting hole, then place the dispenser mounting shaft throughout the hole and secure with the hardware.
Locating a Water Source to Tap In To
The next step is to track down an appropriate spot for your own tee at the cold water line heading to the sink faucet. The tee fitting taps in to the foundation and the water supply connection for the dispenser. You can tap in to any coldwater line however under the sink could be the most suitable. This is where you use your handy-dandy PEX tubing cutter. Before cutting, make sure your water pump it changed off and all pressure at the point is relieved. Otherwise you’re in for a real wreck. Carefully cut on a 1″ section out of this cold water line, that’ll require two cuts. When you have sufficient room to maneuver the lines away from each additional 1″, then you may well not want to do exactly the second cut.
Installing the Tee Fitting
Water filter fittings typically have all the fittings necessary to get a normal setup. This mod utilizes a plastic tee shirt fitting that slides between your trim tubing and also a brass shutoff valve that serves both to provide the water flow to the toaster and to switch off the supply if you will need to improve the filter or winterize. Thread the brass fitting into the tee using plumbers tape around the threads to avoid leakage.
Fitting the Brass Water Supply Shutoff Valve
Then, the water supply tubing needs to be attached with the brass shutoff valve. Don’t be concerned about the duration of the tubing now. The idea here is always to secure the tube into the fitting original since achieving this takes a few end wrenches to secure. You might not have much room to use the wrenches at a compartment that is tight. The brass fitting is actually a compression type matching therefore you need to slide the compression nut first, and then a little compression ferrel. Insert the tube in to the fitting and tighten the compression nut somewhat tight but not overly tight.
Now fasten the plastic tee to the coldwater by simply slipping the round plastic threaded nuts on to each side of the trim tubing, then insert the tee fitting. Secure the nuts into the fitting taking care not to over tighten. You’re able to use pliers to try so but make certain to contain the matching human body firmly which means that you never damage the water line.
The next step is to mount filter. Find a suitable location nearby the the tee fitting you just installed. The mod displayed in the pictures works on the very simple plastic bracket that the filter pops in to. Secure the mount and then snap the filter in to place. You can now quantify how much tubing you need to go out of the dispenser to the filter, and out of the filter to the shutoff valve. Measure the distance for each and you can add 6″. This extra tube can aid with any springs needed when routing the tube. Cut the tube together with the tube cutter to the suitable length.
Attaching the tube is incredibly simple with the kind of filter and dispenser used in this mod. All you have to do is add the tubing in to the ends of this filter and into the base of the dispenser. No compression fittings or special tools are needed. The tubing may appear to become loose from the filter and dispenser however try pulling out the tube. You can’t. The fittings hold the tube in place and water pressure actually prevents the links out of leaking. Just make sure you join the lines observing the filter input and output signal arrows.
Can a Last Leak Check
All that is left is to do today is turn to the water heater and then check for leaks. Enable the dispenser run for one moment or two to eradicate charcoal sediment from the filter. Now like a wonderful tasting glass of water!
1. The NSF evaluations water filters to make sure that the manufacturer labels are still telling the truth about performance. Avoid “generic” filters which have little or no advice on the filter housing or packaging. Also avoid buying exclusively on cost. Cheaper doesn’t always mean good. Bear in Mind that the Yugo?
2. Even though the normal tap water filter in this mod is acceptable for drinking and cooking needs, it really does nothing for the remaining part of the water in the computer system. See the resources below for blockers designed for software similar to this.